Ravalli Electric Co-op’s Grassroots Action Team

People eating breakfastRavalli Electric Cooperative (REC) takes a lot of pride in being able to offer reliable electricity at affordable rates. We often find that we need to make special efforts to protect what our friends and neighbors worked so hard to build and maintain over 75 years ago. Working together is a critical component of why Cooperatives are successful and you, as a member-owner of REC, can help us to protect your interests – all of our interests – in the legislative process.

We invite you to join Ravalli Electric Co-op’s Grassroots Action Team so that you can help us contact legislators who make the decisions about critical issues impacting REC and, often, electric cooperatives in our state, region and nation.

By signing up today you can:

  • Help utilities keep rates affordable
  • Protect our power supply in the Northwest
  • Provide us with the ability to keep you up to date on issues affecting your utility and electric rate
  • Your participation is totally voluntary and carries no obligation.

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